African Child and Youth Empowerment Foundation

  AFRICYEF - African Child and Youth Empowerment Foundation

Registered Charity No: 1171168


AFRICYEF accepts any form of donation that would help us reach as many children, youths and families as possible. We accept card payments, cash, cheques, books and clothing materials.

We have helped and supported over 500 children back to school, awarded more than 5 scholarships to children from poor families donated, more than 20 laptops and 50 desktop computers to youths and families that ccouldn't afford them.

Many more children, youths and families could be reached, hence we need your support.

£12 will support a Child's education

£12 is enough to support a child at school for one month. If you donate £12 each month for a year, you will be providing school uniforms, books and writing materials for the 'disadvantaged' child.

  £15 can rehabilitate a youth

£15 every month can be used to rehabilitate a youth involved in drugs or gang activities by providing trainings in life skills and apprenticeships.

For online donations, please click below;


For cash donations and other materials, please click here to contact any of our representatives;

£27 can support a child and a widow

With £27 every month, a widow could be empowered by training on life skills and trade, or non-formal education.

Please write all cheques payable to 'African Child and Youth Empowerment Foundation' or 'AFRICYEF'

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Top five reasons why people give:

1. Because they are asked to or are presented a giving opportunity.

2. Compassion for those in need.

3. Personally believe in the cause

4. Affected by the cause

5. To give back to their community