African Child and Youth Empowerment Foundation (AFRICYEF) is a UK registered charity founded in 2005 out of the desire to make a difference in the lives of indigent and disadvantaged African Children and Youths.

“Today, we live in a world that is divided. A world in which we have made great progress and advances in science and technology. But it is also a world where millions of children die because they have no access to medicines. We live in a world where knowledge and information have made enormous strides, yet millions of children are not in school…. It is a world of great promise and hope. It is also a world of despair, disease and hunger… ”
- Nelson Mandela

Our Projects.


Educational Empowerment

AFRICYEF is set up to promote the education of the less and under privileged African children and youths by providing scholarships, school uniforms, books and social education opportunities.


Socio-Economic Empowerment

We don't just stop at helping African children and youths acquire basic education, we also go further to help them attain social and economic independence.


Health is Wealth

AFRICYEF, guided by the belief that 'health is wealth' and every life has equal value, works to help all people lead healthy and productive lives.

Our focus is to raise funds and mobilize resources for sending poor african children to school and to learn trades. We also passionately campaign against child labour, child marriages, female genital mutilation (FGM), evil and obnoxious widowhood practices as well as promote and support sustainable youth empowerment and rural development initiatives in Africa.

Thank you for your kindness dear supporters and volunteers