New Projects

New Projects and Activities

We will not stop untill we have touched as many lives as possible, educated as many children as possible, empowered as many youths as possible, stopped FGM and child marriages in Africa and the United Kingdom

Some of our new projects are :

Name of Project: Nursery School at Egbelu village in Abia State Nigeria

Project Description: A new nursery school to be built and maintained in Egbelu village, where children travel many miles daily to get access to basic education. The nursery will be furnished with age appropriate books, qualified teachers and toys

Cost: £10,000

Name of Project: Renovating and equipping the school library of Secondary Technical School Umunwanwa Abia State, Nigeria

Project Description: We will rebuild the library and supply secondary school books needed for students to adequately prepare for GCSE examinations and other life skills

Cost: £18,000

To be part of these projects and many more;