Community Development Projects

Community Development Projects

In addition to educational and social empowerment, AFRICYEF is also involved in community developmental projects.

Our developmental objective is to establish an effective and sustainable instrument to improve the living conditions and the economic status of disadvantaged communities.

Another future project we are considering is the provision of cyber cafe that will act as a communication hub for small businesses and online courses.

Africyef spearheads a participatory approach in poverty reduction amongst the poorest. In many rural African communities, the responsibility for family upkeep lies with the women. Most of these women are however either petty traders or small hold farmers. These women are in abject poverty especially young widows and single mothers with little children. We will empower this identified group with the provision of Community Nursery Centre for their children. We are in the process of constructing one at Egbelu village.

Other projects in view include Vacation School, Libraries and Recreation Centre.

To curtail the problems associated with water borne diseases contracted by drinking water from polluted streams and rivers, Africyef embarked on a water borehole project at Iyah-Gbedde village in Nigeria for the provision of potable water to the community and environs.