Ikosi Junior High School, Kogi Nigeria

Back To School Programme – Educational Materials

There are an estimated fifty-nine million (59,000,000) children who are out of school, thirty million (30,000,000) of them live in Africa. In addition, 1 out of 6 adolescents is not in school, totaling 65 million in 2013. One third of these live in South and West Asia, another third in sub-Saharan Africa, where there are more adolescents out of school today than in 2000 [UNESCO]

Our desire is to ensure that no child is denied the opportunity to acquire basic education because of his/her social status, sex, family background or circumstances beyond their control.

Every year AFRICYEF visit’s Ikosi Junior High School Lagos and many other primary schools in Nigeria, work with the teachers to identify children from less-off homes and provide them with books, writing materials, and school uniforms.